Friday, July 5, 2013

Some Heroes of Newerth updates

A few of the artworks I've done this year for the online MOBA Game "Heroes of Newerth"
It was really fun to work on these, Ruin Revenant was the last one I've done for this series I've been working on for the last months.
But there's a new exciting project on the way :)))

Ruin Revenant (Revenant Avatar)

Chip (Legionnaire) & Dale (Berzerker) Avatars 

Sir Benzalot (Sir Benzington Avatar)

Dyad of the Black Legion (Blacksmith Avatar)

Fungle Bramble  (Bramble Avatar)

Toadwood Deadstool (Deadwood Avatar)

Kali (Defiler Avatar)

Zeus (Ravenor Avatar)

Tengshe (Salomon Avatar)

Sharac (Salomon Avatar)

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